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Sushiated #sistersplurge

19 Aug

20140819_140926I love sushi and sashimi. I don’t miss an opportunity or a chance to get some on my menu. Since my dear cousin (she with the generous disposition) is here in town, I took her to a restaurant I had only gone to once, to reintroduce myself to Town Hall, in Khan Market and its interesting sushi and sashimi menu produced by the talented Augusto Cabrera.

Chef Augusto Cabrera.

Chef Augusto Cabrera.

It was not disappointing, with the addition of the mojito which was served with a large stick of sugarcane, the platter (mean’t for 4 to 5 people) consumed by two and a bit of us really satiated my sushi sashimi craving for the moment.

To tell you the truth, there are other things on offer at Town Hall, Asian flavours abound in the menu, but as soon as you enter, you see the sushi counter and for me, that did it.

We ordered just one thing. The huge sushi and sashimi sampler, which Chef Augusto brought to the table himself, adding the finishing touches of blow torching a section to give it a slightly burnt texture. What I really loved about the platter was the flavours and textures, perfectly matching the ingredients and not in anyway taking away from the clean flavours of the traditional preparation.

Crunch, touches of heat from chillies and sour tinges all make the platter unforgettable.

After gorging myself on the platter, I ended my meal with a light and wonderfully tart passionfruit mousse. Perfectly airy and great as an end to the meal. The bill was quite substantial, with the platter itself being Rs 6,900 plus taxes, so I was happy to be on the #sistersplurge. Thank you Didibhai!!

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